Talpa LE 110

Produced for narrow veined underground galleries, the LE 110 battery powered loaders provide a safer environment in toughest conditions.

Suitable for narrow vein mining with a width of 1,25 m and a tramming capacity of 1 ton.

Low emissions; The rechargeable battery power offers safer working environment.

Side seated operator for better visibility in both directions.

Robust articulated chassis

Engine :
Traction : 1 pc
Hydraulics : 2 pcs

Battery :
Lithium Battery

Charge :
Recharge: 2 hours
Replace battery packs : 20/30 minutes
Estimated operational time : 4-6 hours

Driveline :
Specially designed gear box
Oil cooled DANA axles

Oscillation :
Rear axle mounted on oscillation frame with 16° (8 degrees in each side)

Bucket :
Standard bucket volume : 0,35 m³
Ejector bucket

Tyres :

Maximum speed : (loaded)
7 km/h

Electric System :
Accessories: 24V
2 Front & 2 rear LED lights.
BackUp audio alarm

Hydraulic System :
Hydraulic tank capacity : 70 L
Gear type pump
Hydraulic Cylinders, double acting type

Tramming capacity
Operating Weight 6.000 kg
Bucket Capacity 1000 kg / 0.35m³
Total Loaded Weight 7.000 kg
Length 4903 mm
Height 1670 mm
Width 1250 mm

* Manufacturer reserves the right to change the specifications above.

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